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After 60 hours of playtime over about two and a half weeks, I have finally beaten Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. Which means I've now beaten all the Kingdom Hearts games released so far in the span of a year, starting with 358/2 Days last April, Chain of Memories in September, II in October, Re:coded in January/February, I in February, and now Birth By Sleep in February/March. Unfortunately because my access to next-gen consoles will be very limited so I doubt I'll be able to play any future games in the series. But hey, that's what I thought about Birth By Sleep and I ended up being able to play it, so who knows. (There's always Youtube.)

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I might go back to it later on just to try out the bonus bosses, although I get the feeling that's not going to go well because I kind of suck at being consistent in my blocking abilities and I don't really have the patience for fights where you can't just run in and spam attacks/commands. It'll probably be a while before I do a complete replay, if I do one at all, only because it's my roommate's PSP that I'm using and I don't want to be using it all the time. If/when I do, though, I'm definitely going try a critical mode run with Ven, just because his story was the easiest for me and it would be interesting to challenge myself. It'll probably lead to even more level grinding, though. I am totally not a challenge gamer--I'm more of a see-how-much-you-can-break-the-game gamer. Level 1 critical run? Never going to happen. Ever. I don't know how people do it.
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So last Friday night my roommate and I were finishing up season three of Lost, and when we came to the finale because it's one of my favorite episodes and has one of the most mind-blowing endings, I thought I'd set up my computer to record our commentary for the episode. I ended up with an hour-and-half long recording that contains me singing about Jack's attempted suicide, both my roommate and me yelling at the PS2 that we use as our DVD player because it would periodically stop working, unintentionally borderline racist/mean commentary concerning Asian babies and colorblind people, jokes concerning Jin learning English from listening to Lady Gaga, quoting Xigbar/Braig when ever Mikhail showed up, and dubbing the dialogue ourselves when the dialogue at the end of part one became unintelligible due to the PS2 being possessed by evil spirits. The best part was the last scene, however, during which my roommate's mind completely broke for a few minutes because of the flashforward twist. I'm too lazy to figure out how to post an actual audio snippet, so here it is in handy transcript form.

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Anyway, we're now halfway through season four, and we just watched Ji Yeon, in which my roommate decided that Jin is officially the cutest man ever and was very distressed to learn that in the future Sun thinks he's dead. It's going to be so hard for me not to give anything away when the freighter blows up, because she's going to be all OMG IS HE REALLY DEAD? and I'll either have to assure her that no, he's not dead, or be mean and make her wait until season five like the rest of us did. (And it's probably going to be a couple weeks until we can start season five anyway, because we're just going to wait until after I can go home and get the season five and six DVDs in a week and a half or so. Still, it's better than waiting eight months like it was when the episodes first aired.)
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Note to self: do not play Birth By Sleep and Final Fantasy IX all weekend when you have a surprisingly large amount of work due Monday. It's not a good idea. Just don't do it.

... I did, however, beat Terra's story in BBS this afternoon, the crowning achievement of which was totally raping Master Eraqus into submission when I was expecting a challenge battle. Also, I may have a slight Command Board addiction. And, because I feel like I have to say something about FFIX, I never cease to smile every time Steiner's armor goes CLANK CLANK CLANK. I totally love that man.
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18 February 2011 @ 02:57 am
So I've been playing Re:coded intermittently over the past month or so and finally beat it tonight. I was pretty much playing it just 'cause, since it only contributes marginally to the whole Kingdom Hearts story, but the gameplay was lots of fun (except for the Unexpected Gameplay Changes that popped up all over the places, reminding me why I don't play platformers anymore). I really like the Command Deck system, and it makes me really excited to play Birth By Sleep (which I'll probably start... next weekend maybe? Whenever I can temporarily take custody of my roommate's PSP). Although I know there's going to be a bit of Damn You Muscle Memory involved because when I play BBS I'm going to want to be using L1 to cycle through commands instead of the directional buttons. Still excited though. But this is about Re:coded, not Birth By Sleep.

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And now, even though I have a second playthrough of Final Fantasy IV that I really should finish, and I really want to do a replay of Final Fantasy VII, I think I'm going to be playing a lot of games I haven't played before. I'll be borrowing my roommate's PSP to play Birth By Sleep (and Crisis Core at some point as well), while for Playstation games I'm thinking Final Fantasy IX, Chrono Cross, and Final Fantasy Tactics. FFIX is at the top of my list right now for Playstation games, since once I play that I'll have played at least some of all the Final Fantasy games up through X (not counting spinoffs, the only one of which I've played is X-2). And of course, in the midst of all my planned gaming adventures my roommate and I are still plowing our way through Lost, having just started the third season. (And there's always me getting an education. That's always important.)
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So, um... This is the latest thing that has come out of watching Lost with my roommate. I think it came about at some point earlier when she said that Jack should be a witch doctor. And then, during "The Other 48 Days" when the dramatic tribal drum music was playing during the montage of the later days, she was like "WHAT IS THIS MUSIC, IS THIS WITCH DOCTOR JACK ON HIS BONGOS?" And from there, the "Tribal Jack" characterization was born, following in the footsteps of Sex Addict Auron and Porn Star Gippal.

The bit about the jar of hearts... I don't even know. I think it came from comparing him to the Shaman Heartless which led to us imagining him ripping hearts out of people and offering them as sacrifice to Kingdom Hearts. THIS IS WHY WE SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO WATCH THINGS.
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My roommate, making an interestingly appropriate comment while watching Ana Lucia's first scene in the season one finale of Lost:

"I already like her more than Kate. I don't care if she ends up killing a million people or something, I'll still like her more than Kate."

I'm interested as to how she'll feel about Ana Lucia by the end of season two then. And her hatred for Kate is now ridiculously intense, and unfortunately I had to break the news to her that no, Kate doesn't die. She also hates Shannon/Sayid, which is also good for me. I like when our opinions coincide.

I had some other commentary from watching all the parts of the finale, but it disappeared because I opened something in the wrong tab and lost it all. It basically involved Kate hate, predicting that stuff was going to happen, and freaking out at the production crew Smokey.

Also, I realized that my statistics professor looks vaguely like Arzt. That's going to distract me for the rest of the semester now.
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So my roommate has always wanted to watch Lost but had never gotten around to doing it, and so a few days ago I broke out my season one DVDs that I brought back to school with me for such an occasion. It's loads of fun because she knows almost nothing about the show except that there's a plane crash and Charlie dies (and, as she puts it, "everyone dies in the finale," but that's not entirely accurate), so like everything ever is surprising to her. Also it's interesting to see how she views some of the characters, like how right now she thinks Jin is kind of a jerk whereas I know that he's not because I know his backstory. It's so hard for me not to spoil things for her, although on occasion I will tell her to pay attention to something because it'll be important later, or I'll say that the answer to that won't be revealed until a later season. Because seriously, watching the first season with the knowledge of the entire series with someone who's seeing it all for the first time makes for a weird experience.

Anyway, we're watching  "Hearts and Minds" right now, and when Smokey started chasing Boone and Shannon through the jungle my roommate was all "I WONDER IF THAT'S LOCKE PRETENDING TO BE THE SMOKE MONSTER" and me with my later series knowledge wanted to be all "IF ONLY YOU KNEW" bu I didn't say anything because most of the time when she's speculating I just keep my mouth shut because I don't want to spoil anything for her. Well, unless we're in the middle of the scene and she's freaking out and then I just say "...just keep watching."

And, as with our video game playthroughs, bunches of inside jokes are arising from this. Most notably, we refer to Smokey as "the production crew" after a comment once of us made during "Walkabout" when Locke sees the monster that "OH MY GOD HE SAW THE PRODUCTION CREW." We also frequently refer to Kate as "Criminal" (much to my pleasure, she's not really a fan of Kate), along with recycling our favorite Birth By Sleep joke of "GO HOME, VEN" whenever someone's not wanted.

And here's some live commentary as we get to Shannon being "attacked" by the production crew Smokey.

"Well that's great. There's blood everywhere. Oh. Oh. Ew. Well that's not good. Now Boone's going to be even more angsty. And I was just starting to like her. This isn't going to end well. He's gonna kill Locke. THERE WAS JUST BLOOD ON HIM. THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. So now he's hallucinating?" 
"I don't think it's good that everyone's hallucinating on the island. WHAT THE FUCK? How did he come up with that concoction? Was he just experimenting on people?" 
"I guess?"
"He felt relieved? Well that's not good. Is he like your guru now? I'm going to teach you everything about life? I think the island's talking to Locke telling him how to do things, because he's way too experienced to have just been working at a box company. Unless he was looking up island concoctions or something. Because it looks like he was mixing peanut butter and syrup together. He was just like 'Oh, this sap looks good.' I mean, how did Locke know that was going to happen?"
"... I dunno."

Needless to say, she's kind of creeped out by Locke. We're watching the beginning of "Special" now and she's all "WHO SHOWS A 10-YEAR -OLD HOW TO THROW KNIVES? THAT KNIFE'S THE SIZE OF HIS FOREARM!" I'm totally excited to see all of her perceptions change over the course of the series. (She totally loves Hurley though, and I'm sure that's never going to change because Hurley has all the awesomeness and common sense.)
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27 January 2011 @ 12:44 am
I just beat Chrono Trigger (the Playstation port), and it seems like it's about time that I finally beat it. I think I played it for the first time about a year ago using a ROM version, which had an unfortunate habit of crashing all the time so I frequently got frustrated with it. And whenever I did get on a roll with it, another game would come along and distract me (mainly 358/2 Days and Final Fantasy VII), so I officially abandoned that playthrough sometime last summer, despite being actually kinda close to the end. But then I got the Playstation port for Christmas, which although it does have annoying loading times at least it doesn't crash every few seconds when I'm in certain areas. My intention was to finish it before I got back to school, but I was about two days late on that one. But whatever, everything's not in full swing yet so I had plenty of time to finish it up.

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Also, right now my roommate is up to the Final Episode of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, so once she finishes I'm totally stealing her PSP from her and playing it (but it'll be advantageous to her--I'll be playing on Proud Mode so I can unlock the secret ending for her! (never mind that you can easily watch the secret ending on youtube). She also has Crisis Core which I'll probably play eventually too. Also I'm playing Kingdom Hearts Re:coded at the moment as well although it pissed me off last time I played so I've been taking a break from it. I probably don't want to be switching back and forth between the two once I start playing Birth By Sleep because I'll probably forget which command decks I have in which game or something lol. I'm also going to be doing playthroughs this semester of Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VI, the first Kingdom Hearts, a New Game Plus of Chrono Trigger, and maybe a New Game Plus of the abomination Final Fantasy X-2 (only so I can get the good ending). Don't worry, I totally go to college to get an education :P
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So yesterday I started a playthrough of the NES version of Final Fantasy III. Everything's all good, all 8-bit and "lol this game is like 20 years old." Tonight I figured I'd play through getting new jobs at the Fire Crystal. First I have to beat a boss called Salamander. I do so with seemingly little difficulty. I mean, three of my four party members are dead by the end, but I still managed it. I get my new job classes and teleport back out to the world map, figuring that I'll just heal up my one living party member when I go back to the Dwarf Cave to revive everyone else. It's a short journey, so I figure I don't need to save because what are the odds I'll get into a battle in like a two-second sailing trip?

Of course that means that I get into a battle. And my poor Monk, Ignis, only has like 22 HP left so of course he dies. Welp. time to load that save state right before the Salamander boss battle, I guess. I figure since I didn't have too much trouble the first time, I can just beat him again fairly easily and continue on my way, this time making a save state as soon as the battle is over so I don't have to worry about doing it again.

Cue me losing to Salamander. Again. And again. And AGAIN.

I realize at this point it all comes down to luck as to when Salamander does his super-damaging full party attack. If he does it early, I'm screwed. If I can get a decent amount of damage in before he does it, there's hope. And of course, the one who always seems to die right away from the attack is my Fighter, Ventus, who also happens to be my essential damage-dealer. So once Ventus is down, pretty much all hope is lost short of a miracle. Especially when my Ice2 and South Winds start being all "lol ineffective" for no reason. And of course I was like a second late on my save state so it loads up right as the pre-battle dialogue begins, so it's not like I can try leveling up and seeing if that helps. And leveling probably wouldn't help anyway because I'd still have to save my resources for the boss fight unless I want to go all the way back out of the dungeon and back to the Dwarf Cave to heal up... which would mean I'd have to go all the way through the dungeon again anyway.

(But this also reminds me to thank the emulator gods for save states, because if I wasn't using them, I'd have to do the whole dungeon every single time I died and that would get old really fast. Silver lining, I guess?)

[ETA: I ended up just redoing the whole dungeon, which actually doesn't take that long once you've seen it once and are familiar with the layout. And I realized that my problem was that in this game Flame Mail causes fire attacks to do more damage, as opposed to giving the wearer fire protection as it would in later games. So that was why my poor Fighter kept getting fried. I put normal armor on him, along with conserving MP throughout the dungeon so my Black Mage could do four casts of Ice2, and the fight was a breeze. And I could have saved a hell of a lot of time if I had only not messed up my save states, because then I could have fixed my armor problem earlier. ]

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SEVERUS SNAPE, WHO'D BE 51 TODAY IF HE HAD NOT DIED IN DEATHLY HALLOWS. DAMN YOU, VOLDEMORT. (Although, by the time I post this, the 9th will be over, but the sentiment is still there.)

Meanwhile, in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire...

Now I'm off to finish my extensive Final Fantasy XIII liveblog which might get posted here once I get it all typed up. It's wicked long, though, so I might have to condense it a bit to keep it from going into tl;dr territory, especially when I'm just summarizing things without being amusing about it.
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