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exitate vos e somno, liberi fatali

29 November 1991
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19, female, college student. Writer, dancer, dabbler in various things. Loves Lost more than what is healthy, and plays lots of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. Tends to dream in crossover crackfics in which she is always inexplicably Yuffie. Has a habit of being quiet and introverted, but can get crazayyy with the right company. Loves to find people to talk about fandomy things with, so feel free to add.
The fandom/writing/icon journal of moving_walkway. Fandoms generally discussed include Lost, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy, with a few others thrown in to mix things up a little. Contained in here are some Lost episode discussions, gaming exploits, fanfiction, and icons. For other fandom tomfoolery, check out my tumblr here.
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